Hi, I'm Milla.

I'm a designer based in Amsterdam specializing in user experience and interface design. I moved from Moscow to Amsterdam 3 years ago. Living in a new country is a neverending process of learning new things. 

As a curious and logical person, I love to figure out how things work. I am interested in "Why?" question. I enjoy analyze and structure the findings and get everything to solve the problem. Besides, my imaginative and creative mindset helps me to generate ideas and keeps me enthusiastic for a long time.

Recently I expanded my competency to UX/UI design from photography and project management. I aim to make this world better through the design together with other people. I work best in the creative, challenging and supportive environment. 

Besides design, I love slow coffee, oriental cats, mate, calligraphy, left-handed tools, slackline, bouldering, and snow.
Feel free to get in touch with me!

zarmilla@gmail.com · LinkedIn · CV  

milla dovgal portrait