So, here is the story about me, design and my motivation 

So, here is the story about me, design and my motivation 

So, here is the story about me, design and my motivation 

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Why UX?

I moved from Moscow to Amsterdam 3 years ago. Life in a new country with another language, behaviour patterns and practices showed me the importance of good UX. That's how my interest in the UX started.

As a curious and logical person, I love to figure out how things work. I am interested in "Why?" question. I analyze and structure the findings and get everything to solve the problem. Besides, my imaginative and creative mindset helps me to generate ideas and keeps me enthusiastic for a long time. My personality is the main reason I come to UX/UI design.


Current focus

I am looking for a full-time job, where I can implement all the knowledge and skills I have. I aim to make this world better together with other people and contribute to meaningful projects. I work best in the creative, challenging and supportive environment.

I work on UX/UI projects, apply design thinking process and methods to solving user problems. Create personas through user research and data. Create an end-to-end user journey. Transform conceptual ideas into design solutions. 

My background

In 2019 I finished the fulltime immersive UX/UI Bootcamp here in Amsterdam. I developed three UX/UI projects, applied design thinking process and methods to solve user problems. Worked on user research, user stories, wireframes, prototypes for digital products. In 2014 I got a Diploma in Visual Design at a Russian University.

Also, I've worked in a creative field for the last six years. I am recognised as an art photographer —  I have awards, honorable mentions, grant award, publications, and group exhibitions.

I also worked as a portrait photographer and food photographer. I build my own brand identity, developed a marketing strategy and made a structured workflow, that helped me work efficiently.

Besides that, I worked as an art school manager and risk insurance manager. That is where I got my analytical skills and ability to deeply focus on complex problems.

This broad background made me flexible, open-minded and communicative person.

Besides design, I love travelling, psychology, left-handed tools, coffee, oriental cats, mate, calligraphy, slackline, bouldering, and snow. Feel free to get in touch with me!

Milla Dovgal
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